Devin Booker receives ‘player exclusive’ Nike Zoom GT Cut 2 shoe

Nearly two weeks after Converse released his customized ‘Chuck 70’ shoe, Devin Booker is set to receive a stylized ‘Player Exclusive’ shoe of the Nike Air Zoom GT Cut 2. 

Booker is rumored to receive his own signature shoe from Nike next year.  In the meantime, this GT Cut 2 look will reflect Booker’s preferred style for a sneaker. 

The release date for this shoe is to be determined, according to SneakerNews. The website says the shoe will be priced at $180. 

Booker’s custom GT Cut 2 includes a ‘Book’ logo on the right tongue and reads, ‘Keep it tight,’ on the left tongue with an orange sunrise below it. 

One picture from SneakerNews also includes a ‘GT Book tag’ attached to one of the eyelets on the left shoe. 

Booker told Arizona Sports 98.7 FM his specific customizations he wanted. You can read that story here

Booker has worn Kobe Bryant’s signature shoe often throughout his NBA career. He also received ‘Player Exclusive’ shoes for previous Nike shoes, which can be viewed in this article

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