Bearded Devin Booker on Bradley Beal team-up: ‘Going to be a fun time’

Devin Booker is rated as a top-10 player by The Ringer. He became the first player since Michael Jordan to score at least 295 through eight games in a single playoff run. 

Now, he could lead the Phoenix Suns to their first-ever championship. Booker has a roster he wanted and two very capable teammates, Bradley Beal, and Kevin Durant. 

Last week, Booker was at one of D’Angelo Russell’s basketball camps in Louisville, Kentucky. He was asked about the Suns’ addition of Beal. 

“I’m looking forward to it,” Booker said, via WHAS' Kent Spencer. “It’s going to be a fun time.” 

Book looks like he’s been living in the gym this summer. His beard is longer and you can tell he’s been working. 

He could be a big part for the Suns in many skills. Booker is likely to play point guard with Beal and maybe even Durant playing off of him. Suns coach Frank Vogel has said he expects the team to have a multiple ball-handler attack and is comfortable with Beal and Booker in the backcourt. 

Can the Suns get the most out of their roster and win a title? Booker has been quiet since the season ended, but it looks like he’s been putting most of his energy into his game.

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