Skip Bayless predicts Suns to beat Lakers in Western Conference Finals

Take it as you will. 

Skip Bayless, who is an analyst for ‘Undisputed’ on FS1 with Pro Football Hall of Fame tight end Shannon Sharpe, picked the Phoenix Suns to defeat the Los Angeles Lakers in seven games in a hypothetical Western Conference Finals matchup. 

“I believe that Phoenix will win that in seven games in Phoenix,” Bayless said. “It will be a Game 7 on the Valley of the Suns, that will happen.” 

Bayless also tweeted April 7 he believes the Suns will win the NBA championship.

Bayless has been a huge supporter of Phoenix forward Kevin Durant, who he has called the best player in the world, for the last few seasons. 

However, he has been known for his criticism of Lakers forward LeBron James, which may or may not have played into his decision here. 

Bayless told Sharpe, who is a huge supporter of James, the Lakers have a 50 percent chance to win what he called “the weirdest year in the West” he has ever seen. 

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